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Job Offers

Job Offers


First, mechanical engineer

Job description:

1. All new product structure design of the company.

2. Technical improvement of the company's old products.

3. Optimization and reliability analysis of product structure.

4. Production of the BOM of the product.

5. Follow-up management of new product samples.

6. The sample style of the new product.

7. Formulation of technical standard documents for new products, training, guidance and participation in technology introduction of new products in various departments.

8. Participate in related technical standards such as product testing

9. Assist other departmental matters.

10. Tasks assigned temporarily by superiors

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical manufacturing or mechatronics;

2. Accept fresh graduates.

Second, foreign trade salesperson

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for developing foreign business and expanding overseas markets.;

2. Responsible for contacting customers, preparing quotations, participating in business negotiations, and signing contracts;

3. Responsible for production tracking and delivery;

4. Responsible for document review, customs declaration, settlement, after-sales service, etc.;

5. Customer expansion and maintenance;

6. Sorting and filing of business-related materials;

7. Responsible for the company's B2B platform operation; participate in overseas exhibitions

8. Report on related business work.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above; business English; major in international trade; English translation; major in English education, etc.; CET-6 or above, with strong listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. (Level 4 can also be considered)

2. Work carefully, carefully, cautiously, strong sense of responsibility, strong interpersonal communication and coordination skills;

3. Have strong analysis, problem-solving skills, clear thinking, meticulous, objective, practical and dedicated;

4. Challenging talents are welcome to join. If you are a salesperson, you are only willing to have a basic salary and are not enterprising people (please do not submit your resume)

5. The company does not welcome people who are not self-motivated, who can bear hardships and stand hard work, and have enough confidence in themselves to be able to develop in the company for a long time.

6. Proficiency in office software, especially Word and Excel, will give priority to photos of PS products;

Salary package:

The basic salary + commission + monthly bonus + quarterly bonus + year-end bonus income is not capped. It is normal for those who are able to earn more than 10,000 a month.

3. IT engineer

Job description:

1. Responsible for office computers, workstations and servers (system maintenance/hardware), system installation

2. Set up office communication server and daily maintenance

3. Responsible for the construction of internal information systems, maintenance of domain names, background data, corporate mailboxes, etc.

4. Management and maintenance of servers, routers and wireless devices

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, computer and other related majors

More than 2, 3 years of work experience in enterprise network management

3. Familiar with various computer operating systems, and be able to operate and maintain servers and routers proficiently

4. Good learning ability, strong sense of service, good fault diagnosis and handling ability

5. Good logical thinking ability, attention to details, strong execution, rigorous work attitude

6. Familiar with ERP system, relevant work experience in manufacturing industry is preferred

7、Have many years of work experience in IT information department

Four. Quality Inspector

Job description:

1. Perform inspection and testing of products and finished products in the manufacturing process according to the requirements of inspection standards, process standards, relevant drawing documents, work instructions, technical standards, etc.;

2. Make all kinds of inspection records every day, analyze the production quality of the workshop, find and prevent abnormalities in advance, prevent non-conforming products from flowing into the next process, and ensure product quality;

3. Follow-up on abnormal improvement in the manufacturing process;

4. Use and maintenance of related measuring instruments;

5. Production of quality weekly and monthly reports, collection and sorting of process quality data;

6. Maintenance and management of 6S (5S+safety) operation area;

7. Other matters assigned by superiors.

Job requirements:

1. Familiar with the quality control process, understand the application of the seven methods of QC;

2. Will use common testing equipment and tools;

3. Basic computer software operations;

4. Honest, dedicated, proactive at work, with strong judgment and communication skills.

V. Customer Service Specialist

Job description:

1. Follow the company's customer service management system, answer customer service calls, receive company emails, company WeChat and other channels for customer inquiries, and provide reasonable answers or business processing;

2. Answer customer inquiries and questions, handle customer complaints and other related work;

3. Report the data related to daily work content;

4. Answer the customer service hotline of the call center;

5. The online online customer service handles the daily consultation and information changes of customers.

Job requirements:

1. Height over 160, good image and good temperament;

2. Putonghua standard, good sense of service and communication skills, familiar with business etiquette standards;

3. Working experience in the same position is preferred;

4. Technical secondary school degree or above, major in e-commerce, secretarial, public relations etiquette, etc.

VI. Planning Specialist

Job description:

1. Responsible for the company’s brand promotion and planning, and establish and develop the company’s corporate culture, product culture, market culture and management culture;

2. Responsible for the control of the company's project planning work, including market research, information collection, organization, participation, and guidance of planning and the formulation of event plans, complete the overall planning creativity, design and reporting of the company's marketing and promotion projects, and guide project planning And design;

3. Responsible for the establishment and publicity of the company's external image, establishing communication between the company and superior departments, establishing communication between the company and industry media, establishing communication between the company and related associations, and coordinating the completion of daily promotion and publicity work.

Job requirements:

1, 2 years or more of working experience in planning or equivalent positions

2. Strong market planning ability, copywriting ability and marketing organization implementation ability

3. Familiar with the advertiser's operation process and operating mode characteristics

4. Familiar with market analysis and research tools, with experience in brand promotion

5. Strong planning and coordination skills, good professionalism and teamwork spirit.

Seven. Sales staff

1. Sell mechanical and electrical products;

2, college degree or above, with sales work experience;

3. Have strong learning and communication skills, and be good at communication;

4. Have a good sense of teamwork and ability to bear pressure;

5. Be able to bear hardships and stand hard work and maintain good work enthusiasm;

6. Involving sales in national areas, business trips are required

8. PE engineer

Job requirements:

1. Assist in the inspection of incoming materials, confirm the first sample, production process and operation method with the quality department, feedback and correct the abnormal situation in time;

2. Responsible for coordinating and dealing with production quality and material abnormal issues, to ensure that the problems are effectively resolved;

3. Analyze the causes of poor quality and control them;

4. Responsible for the maintenance of test fixtures and fixtures;

5. Responsible for statistics, analysis of production process and quality indicators;

6. SOP formulation, training, etc.;

7. Deal with production problems on site.


1. College degree or above in mechanics, more than 3 years of PE engineer work experience;

2. Understand the production of process documents, the production of production and test fixtures, and the production of new products;

3. Have good communication skills, design ideas, and be good at compiling all kinds of work instructions and technical training materials;

4. Proficiency in using CAD drawing software and office software;

5. Those with production line work experience are preferred.

Nine, electrical maintenance engineer

Job requirements:

1. Equipment failure maintenance;

2. Daily maintenance and preventive maintenance of equipment;

3. Understand the daily maintenance work of production electromechanical equipment, equipment transformation, installation, and debugging.


1, high school degree or above, major in mechanical or electromechanical;

2. Have experience in the maintenance and processing of machinery and equipment in the enterprise (skilled in electric welding and gas cutting);

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