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Outdoor Portable Power Station,Enjoy Life

Outdoor Portable Power Station,Enjoy Life

(Summary description)

Outdoor Portable Power Station,Enjoy Life

(Summary description)


Outdoor Portable Power Station,Enjoy Life

Nowadays, outdoor camping is no longer limited to pure outdoor experience; comfort and entertainment have gradually become the pursuit of camping enthusiasts. Ending busy work and heading outdoors to experience a wild hot pot and dancing to dynamic music sounds very desirable. These entertainment activities are inseparable from the power supply, and outdoor portable power station has become an indispensable choice.

The outdoor portable power station is a portable energy storage power supply with built-in lithium-ion battery and self-reserving electric energy. It is an excellent partner for emergency electricity, outdoor camping, and picnics in the park. The VXL500-B outdoor power station newly launched by Jiangxi Vigorous New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading brand among outdoor power station.


VXL500-B, as an outdoor portable power station that VIGOROUS is proud of, is an important demonstration of Vigorous’s long-term technical accumulation. With high quality, long life, and safety, it is popular in the market and has its own users in more than 80 countries around the world.


A-Grade Batteries Create A-Grade Quality

VIGOROUS adopts A-grade ternary lithium batteries to improve safety and greatly increase the service life of the product. It can be used for 1,000 cycle times, which is twice the Cycle life compared to 500 times of competing products in the industry.


Compatible and widely adaptable to ever-changing scenes

VXL500-B is equipped with five output modes: AC/USB/wireless/type-c/DC, plug and play within 500w, can power various electrical appliances, and realize multi-terminal power supply at the same time without interfering with each other.


In terms of charging methods, you can  choose three main methods: Charging by Main Power, Charging by solar panel,  charging by 12V car, which are convenient for charging and discharging. At the same time, the VXL500-B portable power station is equipped with multifunctional LED lighting to realize emergency lighting. The diversified charging and discharging modes can fully adapt to various scenarios, whether it is industrial operations, medical rescue or outdoor camping, it can fully protect your power usage when traveling.


Multiple protection, safe and worry-free

VIGOROUS insists on customer first and makes every effort to ensure the safety of users. The VXL500-B has seven built-in safety protections to fully guarantee the safety of use under overload, charging overvoltage, discharge undervoltage, and charging overcurrent conditions. It is the important meaning of VIGOROUS's insistence on innovation to let consumers use it at ease and happily.

As a scientific and technological international enterprise integrating independent research and development, production and sales of outdoor portable power staion, Solar energy storage system and silent generators, VIGOROUS has penetrated into the smart power technology industry with solid research and development strength, rooted in market segments, and insisted on specialization. Innovate and continuously provide customers with high-quality products and efficient services. At present, VIGOROUS has four product series: portable power station, energy storage system, ultra-Silent Generator, and VG-Power , to create a multi-dimensional smart power product matrix.

Busy work limits our pace to the distance, but it cannot limit our enthusiasm for the outdoors. Go to the deep cloud forest to set up a tent and have a toast with three or five friends, VIGOROUS VXL500-B, accompany You explore the endless fun outdoors, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and rivers without any worries!

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