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Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation

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  [Independent research and development]

  The world's energy structure is currently in the dual replacement period of oil and gas replacing coal, and non-fossil energy replacing fossil energy. However, because renewable energy such as solar and wind energy is affected by resources, technology, and geographical conditions, it is difficult to achieve large-scale replacement in the short term. As a low-carbon fossil energy, natural gas is a strategic choice for energy transition. Over the years, we have always closely integrated our strategic development direction with sustainable development and low-carbon economic goals, focusing on research in the fields of gas power, smart power generation equipment, ultra-quiet power equipment, and combined cooling, heating and power, and achieved remarkable results. R & D results.

  The company has always been adhering to the concept of innovation-driven development, always putting independent innovation at the top of the company's development, and putting innovation throughout all the work of the company. From establishment to development and growth, the company is also relying on the "magic weapon" of independent innovation.

   The company has a R&D center with a construction area of ​​more than 6000 square meters, and has formed a strong R&D team. With a unique innovative model, it has accumulated a deep technical background, enabling gas power, smart power generation equipment, and ultra-quiet power equipment The company’s core areas such as its cooling, heating and power generation equipment are all in the forefront of the industry. At the same time, the company cooperates with many universities at home and abroad to form a platform for production, education and research, which brings inexhaustible vitality to the company.

  [Core Technology]

  Gas power

  Gas engine is the core equipment of distributed energy projects, and its core technology breakthrough is of great significance. Through the use of multi-stage permanent magnet rare earth motors and fine-tuning gas control technology, the conversion efficiency has been increased from about 75% to 95%. %, greatly reducing emissions and energy consumption, realizing a green, environmentally friendly and low-carbon life.

  Smart frequency conversion

  Using steady-state adaptive variable frequency speed regulation technology and advanced inverter technology, the generator power quality is higher, and the total harmonic distortion rate is <1.5%.

  Super silent

  Using the self-developed super silencer and unique sound insulation device, the generator noise is effectively reduced, so that users can enjoy the convenience of the generator and no longer endure the influence of noise.

  Combined cooling, heating and power

  Through key technological breakthroughs, the company’s self-developed combined cooling, heating and power equipment can simultaneously meet multiple energy needs and achieve multiple functional goals, and achieve the integration of cooling, heating and power generation processes, and the comprehensive energy utilization rate can reach 80% above.

  [Sustainable Development]

  Sustainable development

   Yongjuntai has always adhered to sustainable development in its concepts and actions, and has always focused on renewable energy such as natural gas and biogas in product development. The ideas of sustainable development and eco-friendliness are not only engraved in the mind of every Yongjuntai employee, but also integrated into every product produced by Yongjuntai.

  Environmental Management System Certification

  Through the introduction of an environmental management system, the company has strengthened its practice of environmental protection and sustainable development in its operations, and made sustainability a common concept for everyone in the company.

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